1 day course

H. Season

Come and have your first land kitesurfing experience with us. This 1-day course (4 hours) will show you how to handle a kite.
If you already have experience and want to progress you can hire this course, we will include you in a class of your level. It is important to know when was your last day of kite and what you want to learn.

Planning for begginer


  • Flight theory, power zones and safety factors.
  • Understanding and using the “window” with trainer kite. Land based kite practice.
  • Advanced techniques: control with one hand.

Planning advance course.

  • Warm up
  • Adaptation of new material
  • Refresh previous level
  • Error analysis
  • Technique to work

The price includes all equipment, liability insurance and personal accident insurance.

Methodology: The course is done with an instructor and with a maximum group of 4 people (usually 2 people). The course, per day, lasts 4 hours a day with the Budy Sytem system (1 kite- 2 students); If the class is taught with the ONE TO ONE system (1kite- 1 student) it lasts for 2h15min. The system used depends on the wind conditions and the aptitudes and abilities of the student.

* Low Season: April and May (except Festivities and bankholidays), weekdays from  June 1st to 16th, and all days from September 12th to 30th.

** High Season: Easter Holidays- -from 14th to 21 April, 1st May holidays - from 27/04 to 05/05, all weekends of June and from June 19th  to September 11th.

The course is valid during the summer season, last day 30/09/2019, all courses that have not been completed during this period will not be returned.