2 day ‘ice-break’ course 8h

H. Season

The “ice-breaker” course offers you your first contact with the sport. You will learn the basic concepts of kite surfing, gear set up, recognition of favourable winds and your first experiences of handling a kite on land then on water.

*The course runs over 2 days.


1st Day: LAND > 11 AM**

  • Flight theory, power zones, weather and safety factors.
  • Understanding and using the “window” with trainer kite. Land based kite practice.
  • Advanced techniques, control with one hand.

2nd Day: WATER > 12 AM**

  • Basic traction exercises followed by “body drag” (water practice).
  • Kite relaunching.
  • Introduction to the board, depending of the  student´s skills

2 days course: Low Season: 270€*  High Season: 280€** 

Price includes all kitesurfing gear required for the class (kite, board, wetsuit, harness, helmet and vest) and liability&accident insurances .

Methodology: The course is done with an instructor and with a maximum group of 4 people (usually 2 people). The course, per day, lasts 4 hours a day with the Budy Sytem system (1 kite- 2 students); If the class is taught with the ONE TO ONE system (1kite- 1 student) it lasts for 2h15min. The system used depends on the wind conditions and the aptitudes and abilities of the student.

* Low Season: April and May (except Festivities and bankholidays), weekdays from  June 1st to 16th, and all days from September 12th to 30th.

** High Season: Easter Holidays- -from 28 March to 04 of April, 1st May holidays - from 27/04 to 05/05, all weekends of June and from June 19th  to September 11th.

The course is valid during the summer season, last day 30/09/2021, all courses that have not been completed during this period will not be returned.