4 day begginer course 16h

H. Season

If you already feel hooked before even starting, this is the course for you! In our extended teaching experience we have learnt that students need more hours, especially on the water. 2 days is often not enough time for a satisfying sailing experience. With this course you get the self-sufficiency.

The course runs over 4 days that can be consecutive or not (for example, in two weekends).
Firts two days kite shared between two students, 3 and 4 day a kite for each student.


1st Day: LAND > 11 AM*

  • Flight theory, power zones, weather and safety factors.
  • Understanding and using the “window” with trainer kite. Land based kite practice.
  • Advanced techniques, control with one hand and traction exercises.

2nd Day: WATER> 12 AM*

  • “body drag”.
  • Kite relaunching.
  • Introduction to the board, depends of the student skills.

3rd Day:  WATER>12 AM*

  • Autonomy in kite assembly.
  • Waterstart domain.
  • firsts tacks with board.

4th day: WATER> 12 AM*

  • Sailing and sailing courses.
  • Priorities and nautical Rules.
  • Self rescue

Course price 4 days: T. Low 490€ * T. High 510€

Price includes all kitesurfing gear required for the class (kite, board, wetsuit, harness, helmet and vest) and liability&accident insurances .

Methodology: The course is done with an instructor and with a maximum group of 4 people (usually 2 people). The course, per day, lasts 4 hours per day with the Budy Sytem system (1 kite- 2 students); if the class is taught with the ONE TO ONE system (1kite- 1 student) it has a duration per day of 2h15min. The system used depends on the wind conditions and the aptitides and abilities of the student.

* High Season: April 14 to 21, all weekends in June and from June 20 to September 15.

* Low Season: weekdays from June 1 to 15, and from September 17 to 30.

* Kids  under 16 years old only private leassons.

The course will be valid during the season in which the course has been contracted; All courses that have not finished during this period will not be paid (last day of the season 09/30/2021)

*Times are approximate and may vary depending on the weather.