Improvement courses

H. Season

his course is aimed at kitesurfers with some prior experience, both beginners and more experienced kiters who want to continue improving their technique with the help of a professional instructor.

The course content is adapted to the kitesurfers’ level.
At K3 we have developed a learning method which includes the most important points for getting a solid base for practising the sport.
The course includes all the necessary material, as well as a walkie-talkie integrated into the helmet from which to receive instructions.
1 Boat Leasons  = 2 HOUR SESSION

*Prices incluyed all Kitesurfing gear:

Sessions Low season High season
1 Session (2 hours) 136 € 140 €
2 Sessions (4 hours) 260 € 268 €
3 Sessions (6 hours) 370 € 381 €
4 Sessions (8 hours) 475 € 489 €

*PRICES with our own gear: get 10€ discount each session

MOTOR BOAT SERVICE: With the assistance of the K3 boat you can dedicate 100% of your time to kitesurfing with nobody around you, practising water starts in both directions and receiving corrections in-situ. 

This innovation allows the following advantages over the traditional system:

  • More real-time practice, because the course is conducted from the sea.
  • More feeling Navigation-comets larger than in courses from the beach.
  • Minimize the risk of collision exists on the beach.
  • One Kite for estudents in all session.
  • Experience exclusive discovery of the Bay of Roses from the sea.

The courses with boat include, instructor, boat and liability insurance. If school material also includes all necessary materials for class (wetsuit, vest, helmet, kite).

One hour with our boats is the equivalent to 3 hours on the shore!

In the event of unfavourable weather conditions, the course will be postponed until new dates agreed on between the school and the client- according to availability.