BOAT LESSONS 4h session

H. Season

The best way to learn in summer is with our  kite boat leassons, all the sea for you without space limitations, with the kite measure ideal for your weight, one gear per student, just worry about sailing and do not spend energy walked by Beach or waiting your turn on the shore. Our team of instructors take care of everything, we take you to the center of Roses Golf and lift the kites from the boat, once in the water you have 2 hours of non-stop practice to learn without limitations!
Book now your course with boat, ideal if you have passed the stage from the beach and you can not progress by the limitations of people or you do not manage to stick to the wind.

The session begins with a security briefing, next a masters class to practice the objectives of the day, we equip ourselves with the personal material and transfer to the boarding area. Once the boat is given operating instructions and we go to the starting point, the instructors and the skipper are in charge of throwing the kites into the water and there 2miles of practice await you. The instructors will assist you alternately during the session and jump off the boat to assist you from the water if is necessary. Once we arrive at the pick-up point, the kites are recovered in the reverse order of the throws and we return to the base. Duration of the total activity 4h.