Kite Discovery 3 days

H. Season

Kite experience makes available to all customers a new type of course. Kite Discovery, an innovative way to begin in the kitesurfing. Three sessions of kite full of action and adrenaline.

You can learn to fly a kite and feel the sensations of a true rider. Format is a course designed to give or to an applicant who wants to have a first contact.

During the class the instructor blew the best of each student teaching pilot an inflatable kite 4 lines with unlimited board space, this course is done by boat from the sea.

If you want to start this is your chance!


1 Day: Earth 4h

  • Presentation of the course
  • Riding the material
  • Knowledge of the wind window
  • Kite flying ground traction and Kitesurf.

2 Day: Body Drag 2h(with boat)

  • “Body drag” (traction kite without board)
  • Refloating kite in the water.
  • Body Drag Pro
  • Course from the boat 1kite per student, 2h non stop!

3rd Day: Water 2h(with boat)

  • Mater Class: a review of the learning and practice of Water Start with our kite simulator.
  • Autonomy in the assembly, a practice board and kite.
  • Introduction of water start.
  • First outings with the board and the kite.

The price includes all necessary materials for class (kite, wetsuit, harness, helmet and vest), liability insurance and personal accident insurance.

In the event of unfavourable weather conditions, the course will be postponed until new dates agreed on between the school and the client- according to availability.