Private & semi-private classes



For those who prefer to have the instructor’s undivided attention.
1 student- 1 instructor (minimum 2 hours)


Ideal for sharing the class with a friend, If you have not practice for long and want to refresh, if you are already with the board but you do not finish taking off and you need some technical corrections, this course gives you the libertat of practicing at the top while an intructor corrects you.
2 students-1 instructor (minimum 2 hours)

*PRICES per person with equipment from K3 school

Type On the beach On boat
Private (1 student - 1 instructor (minimum 2 horas)) 180 € 420 €
Semi-private (2 students - 1 instructor (minimum 2 horas)) 125 € 210 €

*PRICE with your own equipment : discount of 10€ per session


If you have some of your own material you can hire the rest of it from us  RENT

This course includes materials needed for the class, instructor, liability insurance and personal accident liability.

In the event of unfavourable weather conditions, the course will be postponed until new dates agreed on between the school and the client- according to availability.The courses are determined by its duration in hours and not the objectives, which may vary according to the skills of the student.