Duotone twin tips 2020

28 August 19

We have here the Duotone 2020 range of kitesurf boards, the brand launches all the boards for the month of September, the twin tips arrive first and at the end of the month the kite surfing range. This year there are novelties such as the redesign of the ENTTY pads that improve on the heel support, in the tables the new Ultra Spike Textrem that promises to navigate with a twin tip in marginal wind conditions. Duotone Jaime in the two construction versions continues to surprise after 18 years as the most versatile table in the market in the Freestyle segment. The new Demomination for the X-Ride is the Select in the Freeride range, the fastest and most fun table we have and a sales leader for those who start and do not want to do without future benefits. For girls, the range is widened like 2019 with the Soleil Textrem, a delight that thanks to carbon makes navigation another experience. The Gonzalez if you just started, helps you planing early and gives you a lot of room for error in the entry stage. Come and try them if you have doubts at our test center, ask for time and try the Duotone 2020 range for free at Kiteexperience: 637374275