Fever Foil

04 March 15

sroka foil

This 2015 Foils has become modality for light winds, perfect for browsing the heat of summer. This past season we made introductory courses, advice on buying your first foil and have drafted the first report of fail for the magazine Wet Magazine. Do not think twice about taking the plunge, if you've lost a little motivation to sail in light winds, you take time to browse and do not progress more Foil you'll give back the adrenaline rush every time you enter the water.
n kiteexperience took four years with them, we have tried everything and we made a selection with brands that give better value for money and above all sell service post. Available exclusively for theCosta Brava brand high performance reference Taaroa with Sword2. For those who do not want to risk North launches its first foil with a strong performance to get into the sport, with a revolutionary design system that prevents any damage from impact with sharp wings. But Bruno Sroka unveiled a pack for less than € 1,500  aluminum foil and carbon foil will be the most suitable for beginners. If you want to master these "flying carpets" passes through our center for an introductory class, worth us have hit for you!