10 years Kiteexperience party

28 August 13

On Friday 23 August we celebrate the  10 Years party of Kiteexperience !

The party started at 20pm on K3 with cocktails and appetizers and DJ entertained by our friend Juan. Dinner plates * contest: all the guests brought food to share and we tested a relaxed dinner. For dessert amazing cronuts cake made by  our friend pastry chef and surfer Guillem Lleonart, everyone licked his fingers literally! ummmm! And to finish (or start dancing!) We moved to beach bar Che where we had prepared a concert of our unbeatable Pinocchio**, who never fail! dancing and vibrating!

Thank you all for sharing with us the 10th anniversary of K3!

* Here are the winners of dishes:
Award presentation more surprising: Naomi Miguel with his candy trout.
Prize for the most original: Dawn Forné K3 with the logo of cheese.
Award for good, local ingredients: Pepe Cloth with tomàquest your garden, your olive oil and bread as before.

You will get to pick your prize K3! K3 teeshirts 10 years for men and women, beach bag and also for the most original, invitation for 2 drinks in the restaurant  foundation L’OLivar in Ventalló .

** For who missed the concert of Pinocchio, this weekend they play in the music Festival Acústica in Figueres. Worth!