Foil Sroka for Sup, Kite & Windsurf

12 March 18

Great news this 2018 with the FOIL SROKA range for Windsurf, Kite and Surf / Sup. We have tested the Kite Foil with conditions from 10 nds to 20nds. This new Hydrofoil is very balanced, is smooth in the glide, does not collapse, does not make noise and is very easy and intuitive. The  Sroka board is at the height, does not suck water when falling and does not bite thanks to the inverted edges. The whole set is carbon minus the fuselage (aluminum) and the board (tuflite construction). In Sup Foil we have tried only one day with very bad conditions, the table is very stable due to its shape and 120litres. The measurements are 7'8''x30x120L. The Foil has two measurements in L for waves of - 0.5m or for Down Wind, the M wing for waves of more than 1m. Mount it for 5 min, 3 wing screws, 3 fuselage / mast and 2 stabilizer.
The Windfoil is a Freeride to start but with high performance, this Foil is perfect to start but you will not finish it after three months like aluminum. Same carbon construction with aluminum fuselage, flatter wing. The windfoil goes to planing with 8 nds ​​and a 7.5m, with 10nds you plan almost without paddling. It is very easy and stable, allows errors and does not collapse. Its maximum speed with the series wing is about 25nds, there will be a speed wing option.

In short Sroka Foil is a core brand, developed by Bruno Sroka 3rd champion of the world of kite, has been in the industry for more than 15 years in R & D for other brands and Sroka auna all its knowledge to offer the best quality / price.

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