Foil test Sligshoot Hover Glide

10 June 16

After allowing experts try from debutantes what we liked most is his ability to learn, in less than an hour with short neck start to get the feeling of Foil safely and in a progressive manner. Once premieres with short mast you can 15'' and 30'' go to that, you will start feeling the elevation but as you have control over the "lift" can control it. You'll see that you will always have a more preferred than the other side. Once past the learning stage you can already put the long neck. The foil is very noble, can learn the "tacks" tacking or jibing well, the wings are trimmed to minimize the effect dolphin (up and down) typical when you learn to manage pesos. But the best is the Dwart table, wearing a current design, with well invested songs that makes flow very well in takeoffs and not "bite" the water down, allowing easy mind regain speed. In short it is a good foil, reliable, safe and one of the tables have liked. As a note is Foil is something heavy to be all solid aluminum.