18 May 10

David Tonijoan 15 years that had experience with championships in Spain. Patrick White joined Barcelona in the Catalan team together with Javier de Fuerteventura. Sergi Sanchez as coach, brought his experience to help the team competitions, the routine of the sleeves, the procedure and tactics of racing flags.

The method was freestyle, freestyle, 8 minutes during which the competitors must do the exercises, the judges assessed the style, height and power of tricks. All our sleeves and were passing the 1st arrived in quarterfinals; highlighted the atmosphere of friendship and desire to attend the boys' new evidence.


He also held the 1st championship Kite-Kata, where the team of Michael Harp (cane) and Sergi Sanchez (Kite) were made with two podium first and two seconds in the sleeves, Thursday 13 and Friday 14.

We spend a kite kata action photos and other mail with the juniors.

Place St Pierre la Mer, (Montpellier).

13 to May 16

No. 30 inscribed on

Kite Club of St. Pere Pescador