Kite Foil Academy

29 April 19

Learn to fly in Hydrofoil with kiteexperience, we are pioneers in Foil, our master classes allow you to start mastering the technique in 1h. The price includes instructor and Foil board, the kite you can rent or use yours.


- Safety equipment, transport advice and choice of the right kite.
- Water Start technique, first outings.
- Technique to avoid the "Rodeo effect".
- Corrections in situ with the BBTALK bluethoon system.

I recommend previous experience in directional boards or surfkite, the foil has a totally different technique in weight distribution than the twin tip, so if you have a minimum level of surfing kite is going to allude a lot to progress. The kitefoil of School with short mast allows you to start in a safe way, you will be able to leave near the shore since it does not touch on the sandbars. The configuration of the wing is designed so that it rises with little speed, is very stable and does not fit easily. We have at your disposal: North Speedter, Sligshoot Hover glide or Alpine Acces for courses and rentals. Ask for our promotion of course Foil + rent for € 20 for 1h more.

The course is valid during the summer season, last day 30/09/2019, all courses that have not been completed during this period will not be returned.