02 August 10

In the end it was Alex Shepherd who took the cat to water and ended up winning this "J & B Masters of Kite 'which takes its next rate parada.Allí will meet from 2 to 5 September the best riders in the world to fight in the final edición.Tres this first rate notes due to

The COPA CATALANA I had representation from the three provinces, we could see a high level of local riders, juniors and females competed on Friday mistral wind gusts.

The top three riders were Catalan: Jordi Cabré (WAP), David Romeu (CKS) and Gerard Sanchez ended up imposing its quality to be the month of September between Kitesurf mejores.Centenares of fans did not want to miss this event. Thank the good organization of JB, the wind that did not fail, kite club St Pere Pescador and respectful attitude of the local kiters. And the sport is increasingly popular.