mhl race boards in K3

19 December 11

MHL Custom has teamed up with kite board designer, Nils Stolzlechner, to produce this years best performing production race board.

MHL Custom has set out to become the premier facility in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean for making surf boards, stand up paddle boards, kiteboards, and everything else that suits our love for the water. MHL has helped to fine tune these designs with the use of today’s modern CAD software and CNC technology,bringing to the public a professional race board at an affordable price.

Nils Stolzlechner, NJS Designs, has been a leading figure in the racing scene since the beginning of the sport. His board shapes are as progressive as his riding, and his company NJS Designs is known amongst top racers asone of the  most competitive boards in the water.

As a racer himself, Nils is able to push and tweak board design to the maximum.