New season kitesurf 2020

06 January 20

We are already preparing the overture of the Kiteexperience School in Sant Pere Pescador for the 2020 courses, if this year you have decided to start changing your life and connect with the welcome sea. I explain a little our philosophy; There are many students / friends who have transformed their lives thanks to this sport with kiteexperience, so you are invited to join the team. For this 2020 we renew school material as every year, but we incorporate the Naish Boxer kites in the low wind range, we always want to have the best model to teach better, so the Boxer kite gives you the confidence to progress. The rest of the kites are Duotone, this year the EVO being the great comet of 2020, both to start and for experts, this year its great freeride range makes it ideal for our coasts, Duotone is always characterized by the great information it transmits to the bar, but this year this feeling comes with a softness that will make you fall in love. The Surf school has signed an agreement with Ocean & Earth on boards and we will have a promotion for € 149 surf course and board for kids! In Sup Fanatic, RRD and Redpaddle are our bets to row with the highest quality tables and best quality price. Last summer you saw me caught with the wingfoil, this 2020 is going to be the year and I hope I'm not alone in the water, we have made great progress and we are with maneuvers and new foils to help you get started.
As part of our DNA, the K3 team is so that your stay in Kiteexperience is a personal experience, so at school we take into account the profile of each of you and try as usual to give a semi-private teaching by instructor . Our experience has taught us that more than 2h of classes do not take advantage of them, so we maximize your time with one kite per student and with a very practical methodology to be 100% in your session.