North Mono Kite

14 February 16

north mono a kiteexperience

This is the kite school We are selected for 2016 season;  it is that we will use for training purposes, rental and test. Mono has only one rib construction is designed to fly with very little wind, thank you is very ligth  it can fly with marginal winds. In the conditions we have summer with light thermal winds (from 9-14 knots) Mono unfolds in the atmosphere, it's a kite with power. But candy bar so you do not take fright. Great ability to brake if you like waves and just want to feel the board under your feet in ola.Otra of his great qualities is the ability to revive the water, that will make your classes or progression easier. We recommend trying it passes by: new design; reduced price; 2016 new program very adapted to our conditions.

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