14 February 11

reactive steering that is especially evident when de-powered, making it a huge step forward in terms of manoeuvrability and directness on 4 lines. Additionally, the new AC Bridle gives you the ability to safely and completely de-power the Fuse on its back similar to a 5 line system. Easily accessible lowend power and extreme resistance to back-stalling gives the Fuse great light wind capabilities while the AC Bridle ensures direct de-power and a crisp bar feeling even in strong winds with easy push and pull power. The Fuse is built to last utilizing the newest Technoforce canopy material D2 – already since the first generation of the Fuse – that is more resistant to tearing than conventional material. Lazy pump simplicity will get you on the water quickly and easily when it counts. To ensure a 100% safety solution the Fuse can also be flown on the 5th Element if desired.