17 June 17

promocion north mono

The pack MONO 2017 ideal for those beginners who begin to make their first sail and wish to have a complete kite equipment adapted to their level. A pack designed to facilitate progression, and help to evolve rapidly in kitesurfing.
Take advantage of this promotion pay the kite and the bar and take the North Gonzales gift !!
Price for a 12m  1.689€
The package offer includes:
+ Kite mono 12 or 15m.
+ North Quad Control Bar.
+ North Gonzales Table 151x44 or 142x43.

The kite Mono from north, a kite light wind with easy relaunch, super stable, and comfortable to navigate.
The Quad control, the stanard bar par excellence of North.
And the North Gonzales board, ideal from the first steps up to the advanced freeriding. The North Gonzales ensures a fast learning curve for any rider looking to progress independently of their level. An incredibly stable board that comes out quick to glide, has enough high-performance features to ensure fun for a while!
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