paddel or win

22 July 12

The comepti coincides with the third edition of the Kedada, many come to see the output and only 19 finalement decide to enter the water. Bravo for them and them. At 10:30 Toni Fuentes decides to exit just below the bridge, the 34 participants come to stop in the most exposed part of the route, some 800m to the island of Caremany, at that stage the wind gives some hope to return with strength in the wide stretch, where many sailors sought the river bank to gain distance. At the end of a buoy marking the river twist and turn toward the exit, turn what had to be a wind dow is complicated because the N / W is strained everywhere hindering progress. The winners get tired but pleased to have broken the Tramuntana and have met the challenge. At 13:00 awards at the school of SUP-EXPERIENCE where we waited a good picnic, beers, St. Pere Pescador blocks to recover from the III Kedada ACSUP 2012. Thank the good atmosphere for all participants and highlight the girls that have shown a high level of professionalism. Thank Toni ACSUP sources, Alluntamiento St Pere Pescador, all partners supporting the event as participants. See you at the 2013 edition eager to surprise you all.