Sky Wing from Fanatic

07 March 20

The new Fanatic table is the Sky Wing, it covers the needs of your first board, we have tested the 5´0´´ and the 5´4´´ and I have been pledged with them. Jaime Herraiz tells us that the sahe is very stable and that the board despite being so short has a design that allows you to take speed to "break the tension of the water" and make it easy for the Foil to rise. I with 80kgm and experience went very well with the 5´0´´de 75litros, even in areas with little wind can keep me well. The 5´4´´ is very stable and with 95 liters the flotation is assured. The Sky Wing is your board to progress, I recommend that you do not buy a very large board that will soon stay large, start with a course and rent in the learning stage, then you will catch the balance with the Foil and then you can Go for a Fanatic Sky Wing.

fantatic sky wing