11 July 12

The full moon night of July 1st we did the SUP GIRLS FULL MOON! Remada, banyito, dinner and return to the moon!
The Remada was a short side street from the beach Portitxol to beach the boats, the center of the scale.
The activity started at 8 pm; brief explanation of the technique Remada, some basic tips and enjoy the superb surroundings, both the girls' supejaven "for the first time as usually practiced, was a side street full of feelings, leaving only Portitxol, and huge orange moon left by the end of the scale. The water was calm and allowed to move with ease, something that I really like is that the sup, to stand, paddling all you could see the bottom.
At the scale we swim, we got dry clothes and went to dinner at Triskell, a Breton Creperie not miss. There we ate some pancakes delicioces commenting the game, or rather the Remada.
After the meal and Vinet, we took a little lazy ........ but luckily we got encouraging each other and we all returned remnant with the full moon, which illuminated a huge focus over our heads, drawing the outlines of bodies on the water table as a raft of oil, had a slight xapoteig our way.
In return, all we said "this must be repeated!" and we will do, so girls, do not miss Remada full moon next month! We hope