Test Best&North

25 November 12

The truth is that the spot was buzzing, wind S / O reaches the harbor area but with an orientation constant onshore total, causing many riders focus on output. Then come the first test evos and tables, the most popular is Sea Whip and girls of North Woohoo test, the two are the girl's Quad boards have the ability to tri-fin configuration. The Quad (4 fins) make the board is not as stable in navigation, is as moving slightly, this is because they do not carry the central fin rudder this effect exists, but where is the sense of stress have a very loose table back that lets low-speed turns, wave or if you are not very technical. The Kites the no fault Evo improved panel structure with a transition back to retop dacron, new flex more with ribs in the trailing edge, that only in the lateral ribs, the central remains rigid to not have touch of gum more info on the website of North. Best Caboo The new platform is the Best, which has invested more in R & D for freeride waves sector, only three ribs, leading edge segmented, double ripstop fabric that improves structural riguidez. In the water I tell you later with the test because I could not taste, was occupied at all times. Definitely good job of relating the two brands in the market. In our attempt to work with local businesses, North is a German brand and Best Europe is headquartered in Barcelona, ​​from K3 believe in the importance of supporting local businesses and European companies.