Test Best Roca 2016

04 February 16

Test Best Roca

Tramontana wind and waves Today February 4 to test the new Best kite roca 2016, a free ride 3 ribs and 4 lines bar for launching kites on the market (easygoing). We liked her look with well chosen and very showy water, easy to inflate thanks to the new valve Best, two small swords advice you run faster without flaming colors. Stick is a kite that provides very smooth power, feels very comfortable in the harness and the pressure bar is very balanced in the bar, not only notes the pressure barra.El center and works well swivels you can function during navigation to your sleek, it is a personal hobby, the Y lines to the brake pulley before, very useful if you want to lose your only kite on the beach. A loop to better chiken and you can not adjust the distance of deepoweer short arm, girls, children, etc.
In short, a balanced approach, not very powerful but easy and refloating with water making it ideal for beginners and kite progress. Go Rock! If you want a hecah a look at our store!