Wingfoil Duotone or Naish?

17 August 19

Let's see the differences between the Wingfoil Naish and the Duotone, basically the boom is what makes the difference between the two leading brands in Wingfoil. For Naish, the swollen rib system is ideal for the public who is looking for simplicity, super easy to assemble, just swell and go. In the case of Duotone, the boom must be installed and adjusted according to the wind. At the thrust level the Duotone wins in pumping, the structural rigidity of the boom and the forced sabers makes it more reactive and more wind falls. The Naish feels a bit softer since they are clamps sewn to the rib that acts as a support for the structure. This feature makes it very tame and soft with a more progressive touch. At the quality level, both are well finished, high strength fabrics such as ristop, dacron and kevlar. The WIngsurfer of Naish carries the complete package with inflator, 5 'leash, repair kit and the 4.2m2 wingsurfer. You can store everything in a small backpack of just 4kg that can be carried as hand luggage on the plane. The Duotone goes in a long windsurf sail cover, although it does not carry the boom, the forced sabers make it have to be stored like this. You can buy the boom aside, the leash, the bomb. If you add the entire price is similar to the Naish. In summary, Naish has managed to find simplicity along with a very functional design and bright colors. Perhaps it penalizes that it is a little wider at the tips and touches a little in the water in the initiation phase. The range is a little lower in low wind and strong wind compared to the Duotone, but it is very easy to carry and smooth in piloting. Duotone has sought a more technical product, with sober colors but with superior performance. Having the patent of the boom gives them an advantage in this first assault.Tell you that the two brands are being sold in par in our store so there is no winner, they are two differentiated products, Naish designed for the general public for use with Sup, Foil with its great argument of size and simplicity. Duotone goes an audience that seeks more presctations with an exclusive design. If you are not sure, come and try them at Prices and online store.