Wingfoil Give Away A Course

18 June 20

Give yourself an experience of the new Wingfoil sport, alone or with friends learn to fly a wingfoil wing, it is very intuitive, safe and easy. In our school we have the ideal material to start, it is an activity that can be done as a family (+12 years). If you are a windsurfer or kiter you have it easy, you already have the balance and the notions of the wind, in one session you will already be sailing. Ask about our Pro course with Foil table. You may be surprised at how intuitive it is and you will see how you progress.
Wingfoil is starting you can be one of the first on your beach. The wingfoil has multiple advantages, it takes up little space in your boot, it is easy to transport and it can be practiced on any beach with a sailing channel in summer.