Currently the project focuses Kiteexperience my illusion.

I was born in Premia de Mar, right away I was drawn to the sea, I started windsurfing sail in 1992.

After a trip to Maui for the first time I saw a Kite, Austin Hookipa was Flash, the following year the first kites came to the Peninsula in 1999.

St Pere Pescador was the birthplace of the sport, practiced with foil type kites and my surfboard fits him about straps.

Inflatable kites came, the first championships and the sport was growing.

Apply the experience of surfing and snowboarding to give kite, I was surprised at the ease and progression of students with the sport.

Complements my training in 2002 with a technical course of AEK and the Spanish Federation of Vela.Las possibilities of this new sport led us to discover Brazil as one of the best places to train in the months of late November invierno.A 2004, we took the material and ventured to the west coast of Australia, stunning beaches, wilderness and kitesurfing waves, a new discipline, with tables surf.Nuestro kite adventurous spirit takes us to Peru, this time with suitable tables the waves of the Pacific, we get to surf waves travel more than 1km.

In recent trips have only one objective, the waves, places like Indonesia, with more than 800 islands to Mauritius pederte or a paradise for kite, focus our enthusiasm for travel and sports.

Profile: 47 years professional athlete.
Hobbys: Everything slips.
Last Trip: California Surfing trip! 
Profession: Monitor Kite Surf, Snowboard, Commercial Wind and Surf. Kite Club President St Pere.
Years practicing: 19 in kite surf, windsurf 22, 7 in snowboarding.
Results: 3º place in Freestyle  Spanish Championships  in March 2001. 6º place  MASTER KITE St Pere Pescador  August 2010.
Navigation: Style and refinement, with power and much tucos Blind Side.
Kite Courses: Many and varied, in Tarifa, St Pere Pescador.
Start Out: Promotional Tour Miami.
Competitions: Dunkirk (France) Leucate (France), Red Bull Tarifa.
Trips: Moulay (Morocco), Maui (Hawaii), Miami (USA), Portugal, Peru, West Australia, Mauritius.
Projects: Facilitate the opening of more  kitesuf areas.
Students: The most rewarding part, his great smile when they go first to the table.

MAR ROTGER, Manager & administration

From here I encourage you all, especially the girls, to try kitesurfing;

I started sailing when I was about 10 years in sailing. I loved it and kept doing it for several summers, but life took me to the mountain, where they had already made my first steps in skiing around the same time I started walking.

Over the years went snowboarding and a world of new sensations! Indeed, sports have always liked me but I had not felt passionate until then. 99 The winter ended and I wanted to go sliding! For the summer I had to find a sport that made me feel similar sensations, a friend introduced me to windsurf, which aroused in me a passion for the sea and changed my lifestyle. I practiced a couple of summers and then provide the kite … … :-) since Smooth Sailing to the big jumps the feelings are incomparable!

After working seven years in the world of dentistry, 6 and 2 snowboard sailing cruise, des 2004, I am interested in the kite on a professional level team to be part of K3. Kitesurf Teaching allows me to convey not only technical, but also the love and respect for the sea and its environment, so that it remains a place you feel like approach.mar grap

Historically, one of my greatest passions is travel, and with the kite I’ve found the perfect combination: to know the country through its seas, winds, waves … … always looking for new places to navigate. Many are the places visited (Canaries, Greece, Venezuela, Argentina, Chile, Morocco, Brazil, Australia, Peru, Indonesia, Mauritius …) and many more still to visit!

We see in the water!