Wingfoil basics


WINGFOIL BEGINNERS As easy as 10 minutes on the ground to take the flight technique and you can go to the water with a SUP to have the first feelings with the wingfoil. We are the first school to have Wingfoil from Duotone and Naish Wingsurfer. In one hour you can help you to: technical flight, transport, exit with SUP, technique of Water Start, first glides.
Price Initiation all inclusive groups (2 to 4 pax) € 38.
Price Initiation all included private (1 pax) € 60


For those who have experience in Foil or Sup. Sup Foil + Wingfoil.
If you already have experience in Foil with windsurfing or kitesurfing this is your course, in just 1h it will give you the opportunity to learn all the tricks and start gliding with Wingfoil. Flight Technique, WaterStart, Glideless Glide, Pumping and Safety Tips. The price includes all the necessary gear. Pack 1h group € 45 / h. Private lessons € 80 / h.

Rent: pass the wingfoil course to be able to rent: € 48 / h


Easier and faster Learn to understand how a Foil works with our boat leassons. We started with a Sup Foil 140 liters to make it easier to balance, thanks to the advice of the instrucotr and the ability to fly pattern you get your first session. You will be dragged by our boat at reduced speed and we explain the technique of the foil, so you only have to worry about learning the necessary balance, it is a unique experience to fly over the Water. Price per person 45€ for 25min.