Abr 13, 2015

Already tried the new Foil North, have loved the product presentation, the fuselage and the mast in a holster to avoid shocks, super lightweight compared to other Foils. The Foil LTD 5’3»x21’con ideal for beginners to Foil 38litros, ironing recommend not using the rear foostrap in the early days (not included in the table). Your generous rocker prevents even drive a nail «fallin ‘from the top navigation. 51cm sleeve helps a lot in the jibe to keep the plan and has an easy support to change direction of travel. The Foil is mounted with 4 screws (Sword needs 7 screws) have found that they are not missing avellandos to fuselaja that can generate turbulence, it sure is solved soon. Once attached to the fuselage by a mast wedge system studied and only two bolts and is mounted. The next step is to put the two screws to attach the box power box. The table leads a double box to mount another foil with Power Box system good idea to go looking for a standard system. In the water emphasizes its nobility, very easy to carry at low speed. One of the things I liked most is that going to stop up the table cavitates no avoiding falling from above against water and other foils, so it is very suitable for beginners and progress safely. His speed is not the highest but it is the philosophy of this Foil. We love the rails connecting the two wings, its smooth edges that prevent possible injuries to the legs, weight really Foil and finishes league North. I think North to successful in designing this Foil for the general public who wants to fly above the water with the most secure Foil.

Watch the video of the first day of Foil with tips to get started hand Sergi Sánchez.


Nací en Premia de Mar, enseguida fui atraído por el mar, empecé a navegar en windsurf por el año 1992. Actualmente el proyecto Kite Experience centra toda mi ilusión
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